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Hunan Yuhang Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Originated from Shanghai Yuhang Auto Parts Co., Ltd., founded in Aug,2009. Formally registered in January 2011, it is an integrated industry and trade company. The company was located in Waigang Industrial Park, Jiading District, Shanghai, and moved to Wugang City, Hunan Province in 2017 due to its continuous development and growth. Now it is Hunan Yuhang Auto Parts Co., Ltd., the existing plant area accounts for 8000 square meters. The total investment is RMB 50 million yuan, with annual sales volume of more than 30 million yuan. 

The company's combined research and development, design, die, production and marketing in one of the FRP. carbon fiber composite products manufacturing. Mainly in auto parts racing professional company. It has the world's fleet of floating fleet suppliers. 90% of Products exported to the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Britain and many other countries. Domestic market demand is also growing stronger. Establish good cooperation with famous domestic racing teams, such as Shanghai racing team, Beijing racing team, Nanjing racing team and Zhuhai racing team. Carbon fiber reinforced resin comp



     ∟ Mazda RX7-FC

     ∟ Mazda RX7-FD

     ∟ Mazda MX-5

     ∟ Mazda RX-8


     ∟ Mitsubishi EVO-5

     ∟ Mitsubishi EVO-6

     ∟ Mitsubishi EVO-7

     ∟ Mitsubishi EVO-8

     ∟ Mitsubishi EVO-9

     ∟ Mitsubishi EVO-10

     ∟ Mitsubishi FTO


     ∟ Nissan S13

     ∟ Nissan S14

     ∟ Nissan S15

     ∟ Nissan R32

     ∟ Nissan R33

     ∟ Nissan R34

     ∟ Nissan R35

     ∟ Nissan 350Z

     ∟ Nissan 180SX


     ∟ Toyota MR2

     ∟ Toyota Supra MK4

     ∟ Toyota Supra MK5

     ∟ Toyota AE86

     ∟ Toyota GT86

     ∟ Toyota MR-S


















About us







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