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What is the carbon fibre rear diffuser
2019-11-21 10:14:58

What is the carbon fibre rear diffuser

carbon fibre rear diffuser

The car is like a good helper around us. It can help us get to our destination quickly whether it's driven by wind or rain. And in terms of comfort, the car's performance is excellent, so the car is so good for us. Do you have a good understanding of the car's little knowledge! Today, I'd like to introduce the shuttle spoiler to you.

Shuttle type spoiler: spoiler

There are two groups of fins in the atomization chamber} I of the flow spoiler premixed atomizer, which are used to improve the atomization efficiency. It can turn large particles into fine mist, so that the aerosol can be evenly mixed and eddy current can be avoided; when mixing the gas and auxiliary gas, it can enter into the flame.

What is the rear spoiler

According to the principle of fluid mechanics, when the car is running at high speed, the atmospheric pressure at the top of the car will be much less than that at the bottom of the car, so the car will be subject to an upward lift. The car will be unstable, especially the friction with the ground will be greatly reduced, which is in the side of the wind impact, will be a major event. Therefore, in view of this situation, it is necessary to increase the friction between the car and the ground. Inspired by the wings of the aircraft, the problem will be solved by adding a tail spoiler.

Shuttle type spoiler: what is the use of the air turbulence component of the car body

Shuttle type spoiler: what is the use of the air turbulence component of the car body

Body modification mainly refers to the change of body shape to achieve the purpose of beauty and performance improvement. The common modification methods include adding "big surround", tail wing, body sticker, wheel rim, tire and lowering the body.

The word "big surround" may not be new to most car owners, because Fukang Jetta and many other cars running on the street now are equipped with big surround. This kind of fiberglass products sprayed with the same color paint as the body is really beautiful, which is much higher than the black rubber bumper on the original car. In fact, the scientific name of "big surround" is the body "air turbulence component", which is originated from racing. It is used to improve the influence of the air flow around the body on the stability of the body in sports. Most of the materials are carbonized fibers. At present, most of the "big surround" in the domestic market do not have this function, but are designed for beauty.

Since it's for the sake of beauty, most car owners will pursue the personalized appearance of the body, hoping that their cars are different, so that the big encirclement of several round and square lamps common in the market will be very boring. Now you can have more choices, that is, please change the car experts or design a set of your own car encirclement, so your car is unique in the street, so even thieves dare not patronize your car. First of all, experts will provide owners with a lot of foreign refitting information. Owners can choose their favorite encirclement from a large number of pictures, or directly transplant it to the car, or use it after partial adjustment and redesign. After the design scheme is determined, the club will complete a set of distinctive large-scale enclosure by pure manual way, through the process of mold making, steel brushing, mold repairing, putty scraping, paint spraying, etc. In fact, all kinds of air inlets and tail wings can be made in this way.

As for the imported cars, many foreign professional refitting factories will design different models and styles, and most of them will go through wind tunnel test, so the appearance and performance are very reliable. There is a topmix company specializing in body modification in Hong Kong. Its products are of high quality and have entered the mainland market. However, it is not known by the users of imported cars at present, but I believe that the modification of imported cars will be popular soon. At that time, I hope that the majority of fans can buy high-quality products.

There are several points that should be paid attention to by the owners who install the big surround. First, the high-quality products should be selected, because the high-quality fiberglass surround, no matter its firmness or surface finish, is far better than the general products. Second, it is better not to use the big surround which needs to remove the bumper of the original car to be installed, because the anti-collision ability of fiberglass is very poor, so the original one should be selected The big encirclement wrapped by the bars will not affect the firmness of the vehicle, but if it is necessary to choose the detachable bars encirclement, the buffer zone in the original bars can be transplanted into the fiberglass encirclement to play a protective role; thirdly, the installation of big encirclement should go to experienced refitting shops, because these refitting shops have the ability to make fiberglass, and most of them will repair the damaged encirclement for the owners free The owner doesn't have to pay for a new one for a little damage.

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