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Side skirt sheet metal repair or cutting replacement?
2019-12-19 08:49:24

Side skirt sheet metal repair or cutting replacement?

carbon fibre side skirts

Side skirt dents can be repaired by sheet metal. It's recommended that you repair the side skirt first. It's relatively not difficult, and the cost is not high. Basically, you can do it in one night when you have experience. Generally speaking, you repair the side skirt first. If it's too serious, it will rust all the time, and then you cut it again, which will not have a great impact. Moreover, it's not necessary to repair the side skirt dents This is only the surface and skin, which will not have any impact on the overall structure and safety of the vehicle. I suggest you go directly to your local repair shop for treatment.

If the paint surface of the side skirt has deep scars, I think it's still necessary to deal with the paint surface of the car. Moreover, it can be seen that there has been a serious deformation in this place, mainly because this position has been sunken inside, so it's better to do sheet metal processing. It's better to spray paint. If you use a touch up paint pen or polishing wax, you can't cover the defects. Moreover, it's easy to corrode and rust under long-term exposure. The 4S store recommends that you replace it with a new one. After all, it's not cheap to repair it.

Now many stores cut the deformed part and replace it with another one, and then weld it.

They say that the reason for this is that the original side skirt deforms too much near the threshold. If the side skirt is pulled back by sheet metal and then repainted, a lot of putty will be scraped, which will take a long time and fall off easily. If the deformed part is cut off and then welded together, there is no such concern

But I personally think it's better to repair the sheet metal. It's just the appearance problem to remove the putty. If the cutting is going to be done as a whole, it will affect the rigidity of the vehicle!

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