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How to pull out the side skirt depression
2019-10-08 11:33:32

How to pull out the side skirt depression

side skirt

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, automobiles are the most important tool for people to travel, and there will be a variety of questions in use. Today, Xiaobian introduces you how to pull out the side skirt depression. This question, if your friends are interested, come up with a little bit of science.

Side skirt depression can be pulled out by sheet metal machine.

Repair steps of automobile side skirt depression: first need to stretch the ribs, then to the side skirt forward, after finishing the shaping, polishing, and then to the side skirt putty, then grinding the side skirt, then spraying granular glue, finally spraying paint, pay attention to spraying paint must be symmetrical spraying. Generally, the method of sheet metal correction is used to deal with the depression. In theory, it will not do much harm to the automobile, but as long as the structure of the automobile is deformed, the strength is not as good as the original.

Generally, the cost of repairing side skirts is not very high, but it depends on the degree of side skirts depression. If the depression is not obvious, simple repair can be done. If the depression is very obvious, professional and technical personnel are advised to repair or replace side skirts directly.

Generally, the side skirt with serious depression will be cut directly by limited technicians. It is suggested that skirt edge should not be cut. It can be repaired from inside as far as possible. If it is difficult to repair, it is suggested that the owner replace skirt edge directly. When repairing spray paint, the whole skirt edge needs to be sprayed. If only spray paint the part, the color of skirt edge will be discolored.

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