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How long can the car interior renovation last?
2019-12-11 10:00:47

How long can the car interior renovation last? 

car interior

How long will it take after the car interior is renovated? Generally speaking, the main parts of the car interior can be used for 2-3 years for ordinary seats and 5-7 years for ceilings. The main materials used for the interior renovation of Mackay's car are car leather, which can be used normally for 5 years, so the leather for seats, door panels, etc. can be used for a long time. There are also some carbon fiber trims, mahogany products, etc. which are well maintained. There is no problem in 4-5 years 。

Want to know how long a product will last? Is the effect good? It is necessary to know the source and quality of the refurbished materials of each component, so as to know about the interior of the whole vehicle.

Steering wheel: carbon fiber, mahogany and genuine leather; they are different. The carbon fiber steering wheel shows materials with modern science and technology elements, because of its high strength and durability, it is favored by many car owners; in contrast, the classic temperament of mahogany steering wheel is also a reason for many car owners to choose it, of course, it also has the characteristics of delicate handle and fragrance; Leather material is also very important, in the front two materials of the steering wheel also have matching leather, show delicate beauty and feel!

Dashboard: mahogany, carbon, leather. High car foot pad: imported high machine foot pad

Blue glue: it's used for car interior leather, good care for interior!

Heat insulation and explosion-proof film: "leipeng" heat insulation film can effectively filter a lot of sunlight and ultraviolet rays, and prevent the car glass from bursting and splashing.

Trunk wood floor modification: seamless splicing of luxury solid wood floor

Ceiling: in addition to the fresh suede material, there are also car owners who choose to use flannelette; but for the roof full of stars, use meteor lights or LED full of stars lights.