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Generator on the roof of a car
2019-09-23 10:08:56

Generator on the roof of a car

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With the development of the times and the renewal of car brand, people not only pay attention to the use and handling performance of cars, but also consider the appearance and personality of cars. In the market, there are many cars with a "generator" on the roof. What's the use of this generator? Is it just for beauty? After understanding, we know that the original "generator" has such an important effect. "Generator" on the roof of a car has such a great effect, it was really looked down upon before!

First, this "generator" has the effect of eliminating static electricity. Many people in the car, because car seat or interior friction with clothing will occur static electricity, in contact with the body may be conducting static electricity to the human body. Using the top-level characteristics of electronics, the static electricity of the car can be derived from the top-level of the small tail after the device "generator", releasing the static electricity of the car, and making great progress in ride comfort of the passengers.

Secondly, this "generator" can reduce wind resistance. Most of the "generator" on the market is streamlined. Through this planning, the airflow can be effectively guided to keep the vehicle stable. Similarly, the improved "generator" does not have the original "noise" defect, which makes the driving process more quiet and smooth, and is selected by many high-end models.

Together, this "generator" also has the function of expanding signal reception and information transmission. In the current era of the Internet, with the rapid development of the network, the vehicular network has become a very competitive function. Many cars bear the effects of network interaction, real-time transmission and traffic location, so the stability and timeliness of signal acceptance put forward higher requirements. The emergence of "generator" to a large extent has satisfied the signal requirements of the vehicle in operation, and it also provides the possibility for further development of the vehicle network.

Of course, not all "generators" will have these functions, depending on the detailed model and configuration of this small tail's function will be different. After clever combination, the "generator" on the car perfectly combines practicality and beauty, so that the car owners can also ensure good performance in pursuit of fashion.

Through the understanding of "generator", we can also see the continuous progress and development of car development. Through the study of such a component, we can explore so many useful effects of car ride and operation, and the development of car industry also has important implications.

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