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Characteristics and working principle of carbon fiber canard for PCB
2019-10-22 16:34:24

Characteristics and working principle of carbon fiber canard for PCB

 carbon fiber canard

Carbon fiber canard is made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel. Aluminum alloy canard is electroplated in the manufacturing process, and its service life is much longer than other similar products. Stainless steel canard can be used in high temperature and high corrosion environment. Its structure adopts unique design to ensure that the wind resistance is small, the wind speed is average, the air outlet is uniform, and the accuracy can reach ± 3%. The width of the air outlet can be adjusted to 0.1mm (fine). The density can be up to 0.1mm), the blade size can be customized according to the customer's requirements, and the length can be up to 6m. A variety of air inlet diameters and positions can be selected for easy installation.

Working principle of canard for PCB

Carbon fiber canard is generally made of aluminum or stainless steel. After compressed air enters the air knife, through the principle of Konda effect and the special structure of the air knife, the air volume increases by 20 to 40 times of the ambient air, forming a thin high-strength, large air impact curtain. The air intake of compressed air is proportional to the air output, and the maximum wind speed can reach 80 m / s.

Characteristics of carbon fibre canard

1. Greatly save compressed air. The air consumption of air knife is only 60% of that of traditional air blowing pipe.

2. The air flow is uniform, blowing out in a straight line, no vibration, low noise (60 ~ 75dBA)

3. No moving parts, maintenance free, aluminum or stainless steel

4. Small size, easy to install, maintenance free, instant on / off

5. No electricity, no leakage explosion, no RF / EMI

6. The structure is simple and firm, not easy to be damaged, and the service life is extremely long.

7. Various specifications of air knife length (2 "in-40" in) can be customized.

Canard is especially suitable for high-grade products, such as ultrasonic cleaning, glass cleaning machine, circuit board, electroplating parts, coating, non-ferrous metal plate / wire rod / sheet production and many other processes in addition to water drying; it can also be used for barrier free isolation of harmful gases, dust, hot and cold air, paper blowing and post printing drying on printing paper; it can also be used for rapid heating of food and medicine , thawing and high temperature sterilization, etc.

Working characteristics

1. The wind tunnel effect is caused by the high-speed wind blowing into the wind trough, which enhances and maintains the high wind speed, making the water easier to be blown away.

2. The air trough can be equipped with the top / neck blowing and bottom blowing functions to complete the drying at one time and solve the problem of hard drying of the bottle cap.

3. The air trough can easily adjust the device according to the diameter and height of the bottle / tank, so that the efficiency is better and the adjustment is easier.

4. Adopt 304 stainless steel style trough (materials meeting the requirements of food hygiene) and many other accessories.

5. With drainage and (wet) air outlet, it is convenient for water diversion and exhaust.

6. The air duct (option) is made of noise reduction material and can be covered with transparent noise reduction cover (option), which is convenient for monitoring and can reduce noise, and achieve two goals with one stone.

7. There are many types and specifications suitable for drying round, round, square, square, large, small and condensing bottles.

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