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Advantages of Automotive Bumpers
2019-10-11 10:24:09

Advantages of Automotive Bumpers 

Automotive Bumpers

Car safety has always been our concern. No matter what the quality of the car is, driving safety is the most important. When we bring the car back, we often add bumpers to our car. Some riders think that the bumpers are beautiful. Are the front and rear bumpers useful? The answer to this question is yes, but we should understand all the functions of the bumper so that we can drive safely. The function of front and rear bumpers of automobiles 1. From the safety point of view, the car can play a buffer role in the low-speed collision accident, protect the front and rear car body, and can play a certain role in the protection of pedestrians in the event of accidents with pedestrians. 2. From the appearance, it is decorative and becomes an important part to decorate the car's appearance. At the same time, the bumper also has certain aerodynamic effect. 3. In order to reduce the passenger injury caused by car side crash accident, door bumpers are usually installed on the car to enhance the impact resistance of the door. This method is practical, simple and has little change to the body structure. It has been widely used. Why are all car bumpers plastic? 1. Pedestrian safety considerations Finally, the bumper material is replaced by plastic, because the metal material is too harmful to pedestrians! Especially in low-speed car accidents, this kind of accident occurs most frequently, and the metal material is not harmful to the vehicle because of the direct "hard touch", but the degree of pedestrian injury is very large. If put in today, small bumps with pedestrians are likely to cause the condition of injuries and moving bones. Plastic materials have a better ability to absorb collisions than metals. It must be known that the cost of repairing bumpers is much less than the cost of caring for the injured. 2. Consideration Based on Practical Use In addition to protecting pedestrians, plastic bumpers are more distracting for users. If it is slightly impacted, the elasticity of the plastic material has a certain impact resistance, and will generally be repaired automatically. If it is repaired, it may only need to be repainted. But if it's made of metal, even small collisions can take a lot of money. Spray painting and sheet metal repair are more expensive, you should understand. In addition, some SUVs or cross-border vehicles are accustomed to using more durable black plastic material in bumpers and side skirts, which not only reduces the cost of repairing these vulnerable parts due to poor road conditions, but also eliminates the need to worry about corrosion like metals. 3. Easy to design and produce automobiles The use of plastic material for bumpers really reduces the production cost of automobiles. At present, most of the exterior parts of automobile products on the market, such as bumpers, fenders and grilles, are made of plastic material, which requires lower level of industrial manufacturing and is easier to produce. Moreover, these materials will also bring good lightweight advantages and enhance acceleration, braking power and fuel economy. Ways to Avoid Bumper Crash 1. Installation of corner rubber can alleviate bumper damage The corners of bumpers are the most vulnerable parts of the car's housing. People who feel bad about driving tend to scratch the corners and make them full of scars. To protect this part is the corner rubber, just stick it on the corner of the bumper, and the installation is very simple. This method can reduce the extent of bumper damage. 2. Judging the position of bumper with corner indicator column The marker on the corner of the bumper is the indicator pillar. In some company products, there are also types of automatic expansion with motor drive. This kind of corner indicator column can correctly confirm the position of bumper corner, prevent bumper damage, improve driving skills, often easy to scratch bumper, it is better to install a try. With this corner marker, the position of the bumper can be correctly judged in the driver's seat, which is very convenient.