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Advantages of automobile carbon fiber canard system
2019-10-22 16:28:55

Advantages of automobile carbon fiber canard system

carbon fiber canard

Automobile carbon fiber canard high-pressure fan and high-speed turbine fan are widely used in automobile industry in foreign countries, especially in automobile contour production, widely replacing the way of compressed air and nozzle drying. In the past, the drying system of automobile contour production has a very amazing energy consumption, generally reaching above 90kw, or even higher, and the drying effect is not necessarily non-linear. It is always good, and its efficiency is not very high. At present, due to the strong wind drying and low energy consumption, the developed air knife drying system can save more than 3-5 million costs for the production plant every year. The general system only needs 11-22kw, which not only has good drying effect and low energy consumption, but also can improve the efficiency by more than 200%.

◆ the wind speed of the blade is more than 40 times of the original wind speed.

◆ energy consumption is generally reduced by 150-300%.

◆ increase efficiency by 30-150%

◆ the installation of air knife is simple, convenient, maintenance free, long service life, once installed, 10 years worry free

◆ the air outlet can be adjusted to 0.6-1.5MM to realize adjustable traction air volume, wind speed and air pressure.

◆ the blade size can be customized according to the customer's requirements, and the customized length can be up to 2000mm.

◆ a variety of air inlet diameters can be selected. The air inlet position can be selected from the top, side and back, which is convenient for installation.

◆ maximum wind speed 200m / s, maximum temperature resistance 250 ℃, maximum pressure resistance 2kgf / cm2.

◆ it can be used with high-pressure fan, high-speed centrifugal fan and air compressor, with flexible and convenient application.